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Verbi ad Astra  –  that's Latin for "words to the stars" and reflects our mission to help you reach for the stars by using the power of words. We offer language services of outstanding quality to help you with all your textual needs, from text production to well-designed presentation, both in print and online.

We are a small company specializing in language services that are truly individual. With us, you won’t get any generic, one-size-fits-all texts and designs; instead, we will personally do our very best to provide you with from-scratch solutions meticulously tailored to your specific needs – that’s a promise! This includes fast response times, courteous-at-all-times communication directly between you (the client) and the expert working on your project, and openness about all costs and procedures in line with our no-surprise policy.

The metaphor our motto is building on, that of reaching for the stars, has its origins in the writings of the great ancient Roman poet Virgil. In the epic poem Aeneid, written between 29 and 19 BC, he describes the first experience of war of Ascanius, a legendary king who is depicted as one of the founders of the Roman race. After Ascanius successfully kills a dangerous enemy, the god Apollo comes to him and says, "Macte nova virtute, puer: sic itur ad astra, dis genite et geniture deos," which can be translated as "Be blessed for your extraordinary courage, you boy who has been sired by gods and who will sire gods: thus is the path to the stars" (Book IX, lines 641-642).

In this encouraging appeal/statement, Apollo not only reminds Ascanius of his powerful ancestors and descendants, but also suggests the idea of stellification, which, in Classical mythology, was the ultimate posthumous honor for a mortal: being eternalized into a celestial body. In other words, his descendants will be deified by being turned into stars after they die. In this verse, Virgil refers to the Gens Julia, the family of Augustus and Julius Caesar, who claimed to be a descendant of Ascanius and who was deified after his death. To really understand this honor, it helps to know a little more about Virgil's beliefs: stellification, for him, was a metaphor for the process in which a soul recovers its initial purity by escaping its bodily captivity. In becoming a star, a soul therefore reaches universal rationality and immortality.

The statement thus reveals the significance of the stars, which symbolize persistency, constancy, and sublimity.

Through our language services, we want to stellify your text and give it the same extraordinary qualities.
Let's reach for the stars!

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